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i’m not vegan at all and i don’t care if other people are, but i definitely think it is funny when people hate on vegans because you sound like my 74-year-old grandpa complaining about his neighbor driving a Japanese car, like dude how out of touch are you, move on with your life haha


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that’s not what my original comment was about. I am not arguing about what the accepted definition of a recession is, i am saying that the accepted definition misses the point. Kinda like how you missed the point of my original comment. Lmaooooo


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lmao here is some light reading for you, sweetie, from the Harvard Business Review, written by two lovely Indian economists with impeccable credentials. Hope this isn’t too casual for you. much love!


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All of the official definitions of “recession” are blind to the daily reality of the working classes, and are provided by people whose entire professional life is dependent on unsustainable “growth at all costs” capitalism. GDP growth is largely irrelevant as a measure of a country’s economic health when the majority of economic gains are distributed to a tiny percentage of the population.