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I think Netflix making it (and most of their new shows) the first thing you see signing in for a while after launch, before you get to programs you've got on your list or are currently watching, really helps increase viewership for fun, "generic" shows like The Night Agent where you see it and go "ooh, spy thriller!" It doesn't work as well for more niche genre fare, but something with broad appeal like The Night Agent is going to have tons tuning in that wouldn't otherwise, because they didn't know it existed.


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Was I the only one who didn't know she was Quill's half-sibling? I feel like GotG2 was incredibly vague with that, whether she was just a valuable critter Ego picked up, or a child of his he didn't murder since she was useful, and I appreciate the additional personal depth it adds.


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Also more time for the packages, the judge's comments, interviews with the stars and dancers, "intermission" dances... and yet somehow they're still always running out of time at the end of each episode. Not totally clear on how they took a 2 hr. show with 40 minutes of commercials, dropped the commercials, and still run out of time.