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Woah. Didn’t even know there was a test that did that… I’m sure my insurance won’t cover it and I can’t even see my PCP, but now I’m curious if you can just get that test on your own and how much it would cost… because I’m relatively tiny, docs assume that I needed the smallest dose of anything, but it varies across the board… and I’m more curious if its a vitamin deficiency or something else because I’ve had all sorts of speculation…


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I’m not asking to be smart, but what about people who are prescribed meds? Do you think that’s an issue?

My personal opinion is that meds are over prescribed and overly abused, HOWEVER, there are some people or situations where the benefits of using medications outweigh the risks. I, personally, think it’s the same with weed—despite me not smoking at all. I mean, there is medicinal marijuana so it’s technically a medication too….

Idc if I get downvoted to no end—-just curious what your stance is…