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Also, agrarian work was often very close to home. So larger midday meals with the family would be easier. If you worked at the factory, you were farther away from home and modern labor laws likely would have prevented a midday respite from a grueling 12 hour shift.


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The first article I read didn't mention the name of the clause. I thought it was a really weird flex to peg the end of the agreement to such a specific yet convoluted event. Turns out it was just an archaic flex.


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I'll agree.

This is forward motion. Like with the Memphis case. Once the precedent gets set, there's going to be an expectation from the public that the police rightfully and swiftly get punished for committing crimes. And once we get convictions and serious jail time, the police unions are going to gut check their membership. Sadly, this is a slow process. There's around 18,000 police departments in the US. Each with their own little fiefdom and unique relationship with the DA's office/state.


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The Fraternal Order of Police / Ohio Labor Council, the largest law enforcement labor organization in the state, said in a statement Thursday the 11 officers “are entitled to due process like all citizens” and encouraged “everyone to reserve judgment until facts are known.”

Also FOP:

he defended the mob of largely white Trump supporters and white supremacists who stormed the U.S. Capitol, saying they are “entitled to voice their frustration.


I guess the question is are citizens allowed to voice their frustration against the bad police officers are are we supposed to reserve judgement?


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Science is pretty good at taking some random information and synthesizing it into something useful or exploring something else new.

Further in the same article they look at the demodex genome and speculate it's at an evolutionary dead-end. Who knows, maybe we can use that against dangerous bacteria or guinea worms.


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Here's a list of the documented victims Che Guevara is known to have a direct hand in killing.


>"At times, the Revolution cannot stop to conduct much investigation; it has the obligation to triumph."

>-Guy on a T-shirt, regarding the need for summary executions


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Working in IT, I've seen the malware trick a few times.

Fortunately it's never something cool or espionage-y. It's just a script kiddie doing it for kicks. Nevertheless, never plug an unknown USB device (not just storage) into your system. And please don't do it on your work computer. All the IT guys are going to laugh at you.