AustinManningReddit OP t1_jeh4w7f wrote

Yeah, I'm more of a if you are afraid to drive, your probably should take public transport type of person.

So if the speed limit was 40 MPH, how fast would you drive?

Even if in the slow lane, if you're going too slow, that will cause people in thebslow lane to have to merge in to the fast lane just to do the speed limit. Don't you think that backs up everyone?


AustinManningReddit OP t1_jeh34y4 wrote

You do realize if you're going under the speed limit, you're probably actually increasing your chances of being in a wreck because instead of driving with the flow of traffic, you're causing other drivers to pass you so you're actually encountering a lot more drivers than you would if you flowed with traffic right?

Also, do you ever notice people riding your ass or cutting you off? It's probably because you're driving under the speed limit and irritating them.

Maybe if you don't feel safe driving the limit, you should drive on slower roads to get to your destination instead of slowing everyone down behind you?