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Use to have a team lead that would try to benefit in gaslighting the hell out of me while I was in the middle of this, and a rapidly growing state of depression. Not fun.

Things are better now, especially after she was eventually fired. I hope to never return to that state of mind ever again.


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Judging and understanding are not synonymous with each other. You also will not always be able to understand another individual, but you are free to judge them however you feel is necessary. Unfortunately it benefits no one that we should sit on our hands, and demand that we have all the answers before we can act.

Not that I'm promoting ignorance, far from it, but we have to be familiar with not being able to play with a full deck.


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I'd imagine many of us seek the origin of life for the same reason many of us seek the answer to what happens after we die. There's fear due to the unknown. For reasons like this and otherwise, religion often demands there be an answer. People would prefer to find comfort in fantastical ignorance over simply not knowing.


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The funny part is there is a game called Say No! More that came out not too long ago. Would recommend that over this nonsense. The message it gives is a good one.


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Honestly, thinking about stuff like this acted as a parasite for my anxiety back when I took my first few steps into the work force. Now days it's a great deal better, but this potential fact can definitely act as a double edged sword. Found this out the hard way.