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I just lost my best friend who was extremely depressed addicted to clonazepam and i think he did something like this in a way to suicide…the combined opiates and the benzo to stop his breathing. His mom heard a loud noise upstairs and never went to check on him till morning and found him dead… like buddy said above he was more mad about the loss of product than the attempt…. Thats a huge problem! I find that alarming and hope your doing better buddy! please seek psychedelics! i beg of all that are suffering from addiction and depression 🙏💔


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Understand what “the now” means and this makes complete sense. But most definitely don’t understand what it means to live in the now moment. cause alot of us are trapped in past thought or future anticipation and these cause us to be anxious and depressed for what we refuse to change our mindsets we persist in constant folly and don’t even know it.

Ie- Why am i so broke? Im so stressed better have a cigarette… quit smoking and stop using it as an excuse to not change and you will suddenly be not so broke.. continue to make these changes to your bad habits and see your world change before your eyes.

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches these kind of things about knowing how to suffer and you will suffer less. Free yourself of material suffering and be present in the now moment understand this and you may understand it all.


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I can suggest a 50 part lecture series on youtube called “awakening from the meaning crisis” by a brilliant man named John vervaeke. He completely breaks down the meaning crisis, but it is a mental tax to go through the whole thing but incredibly worth it! If anyone wants a more in-depth video series on the meaning crisis definitely check out johns work!


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🎶i awaken, turn epiphanies into to tragedies. Stay unshaken, as the valleys and peaks start to tremble and quake🎶 titan- eye of the enemy