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If you can go out to the Warsaw VEC office and see Cheryl. 487 Main St. Warsaw. The online filing is a pain and makes errors. It is 30 mins from where I live. Mon Wed and Thurs 8:30 -. 4:00 with very few people there to wait behind.


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No just unemployed. Also unemployment would go back to the last qualifying employer and not VA Gov so file for unemployment. Did a 3 month stint in 2020 and collected from the prior employer of 6 years. It is the income during qualifying quarters.


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Apply for Medicaid and you can get your meds for free. I am on it after being laid off in Feb. My inhalers and breo are free and without coverage the breo is $1100 a month. You usually get your cards within 10 days.


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Prepped everything today for the anticipated cold for the next 3 days. Probably will work on the raised beds as the coconut shaving should be here today. Get those prepped for the warmer weather Wednesday. Have several veggies ready to go in. Planning a surprise of nasturtiums for my mum. She had them at her house in Indiana before moving here and has looked for them for the last 3.5 years. Got some seeds started in egg crates to plant out in front by her windows.

Prepping for a job interview on Monday. Radio silence from 2 x panel interview company. No good news from VEC. Such is the pain of job hunting.


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Ran out to Wegmans at O' Dark 30 to get cat food and tonic water. Pick up some things to make stuffed mushroom caps tonight. Set up two jars for spawning pink oyster mushrooms and waiting on another set of grain spawn for giant oyster mushrooms. Got a bonus pack of seeds with this one but I have no use for them.


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Buy as many sets of long johns you can find while they are on sale down here. You are going to need them. Like when someone asks why certain laws exist in Virginia and the answer is always explained as it's a Commonwealth. The mantra for New Hampshire to explain it is Live Free or Die. I worked for a company out of Manchester and had to spend a couple of weeks up there training during the pandemic. It was interesting to say the least.


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Power outage after someone hit a tree. Wasn't showing on the Dominion map so I sent a notification. Patiently waiting for it to come back on. Sometime between 9pm and midnight. Meanwhile I am listening to the dulcet sounds of all the generators on this lovely cool Pollening evening.


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Happy Friday. The 4th generation of our family arrived at 4:55am this morning after 24 hours of labor. 1st great grandchild which makes me a great aunt. Now I have to live up to that expectation.


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After I posted this it went in that direction after requesting a call back from a supervisor. I was turned over to the equipment department. I guess supervisors don't speak to customers. Level 1 cust reps cannot give me the information I need nor take action to correct the issue.


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Yard work would not include lot drain system. That is a landlord issue and I would discuss the solution with them as you cannot use the backyard due to drain issues. Yard duties are trimming, grass cutting, bush and tree maintenance but per code of HOA, county or city, not drainage issues.