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While you’re probably correct, I have seen other absurdly long swords in museums before and the explanation was that they were really used more like spears. Seems like they would have been really heavy though.


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The same article also says there is more stranding than in the past. So the stranding season being pushed back isn’t helping things. I would theorize that the environmental cues the turtles use to trigger migration are being delayed, then they get trapped in the bay. I don’t really know of course.


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You got some good “how” replies. I just wanted to point out that when a neutron star is made, it’s an extremely energetic event, in addition to it having just been a nuclear fusion reactor. So that’s where the initial heat for the black body radiation came from.


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To add to this hilarious point: what about cremation? How about the “relics” of catholic saints? Does the saint revive around its head or some other holy body part, like a finger. This could be really important for saints who got parted out by the church.