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This right here is the standard and typical City of Richmond tax experience. I initially moved to the city (Southside) because I don’t like suburbs at all.

The City of Richmond is so fucking incompetent and up its own ass I promptly moved to Henrico at the end of my lease. I hate that city’s government on a cellular level and the car tax issue was just one of several negative experiences I had in that year. Richmond City is so bad I’d rather live in a meh suburb than a shitty city.


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> Also you would pass "Gilpin Court" which is a very sketch neighborhood that you might feel uncomfortable walking by--especially at night.

From Leigh St to Laburnum Ave Chamberlayne can be rather unpleasant to walk. Nice neighborhoods flanking either side, but Chamberlayne itself sucks.

Gilpin Court is a public housing project.


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I’ll have to check. I thought it was still state property. If it is now city property, that fence will remain for years to come.



> There are now plans to remove the fence since the land is now owned by Richmond instead of the state, according to James Nolan, press secretary for Mayor Levar Stoney.

Article over a year old, fence over 2 years old. We’re all going to die with the fence still up.