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Not going to downvote you because that is one valid perspective. The other perspective is from those people who’ve worked there for years and are still not making a living wage, as well as those who’ve been fired/ had their stores closed for conversations about unions.


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Now see, you’re getting your scandals mixed up. Easy to have happen, since Trump was pretty much a train wreck.

Steele was indeed writing the report for Fusion GPS, which had been hired by… wait for it… the Republican Party to do opposition research on Trump. (They didn’t want him elected either lol). Anywho, Hillary did indeed end up buying the research, and its contents were eventually turned over to the FBI.

That’s only a small part of the Trump Russia collusion investigation. You conveniently leave out his dealings with Russia over Trump Moscow, his financial debt to Russia, the secret meetings his teams held at Trump Tower with Russian agents, Inna Yashchyshyn, Trump asking Russia publicly to find Hillary’s emails, and much more.

You also forget to mention that THIRTY FOUR people ended up being indicted thanks to the Mueller investigation. And that Mueller said that he could not rule out wrongdoing on Trump’s part, but that he did not have enough to prosecute a winning case.

So, again, if you consider that a win… go for it.


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So, do you mean like the EIGHT Benghazi hearings? Or maybe the Whitewater hearings the GOP held to try to smear Bill & Hillary?

And I’m not sure you can call it a fraud when an investigation happens - under the Republican DOJ and a Republican special counsel - and there is proof of the actions, just not a smoking gun to tie Trump to it. But hey… if that’s your takeaway, then enjoy the tiny little w.

BTW, what every happened to that Durham investigation Trump & Fox News were crowing about??? I guess that passed over us like Q’s “storm”. Still waiting for all those “sealed indictments” to be opened an hundreds of Dems to be arrested. Nice.


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Let me answer your questions for you:

  • Bernie & Hillary played with the same rules in the 2016 primaries. The point of contention is the role of superdelegates, most of whom were party officials and who presumably would go for Hillary. DYK that Hillary actually won more regular delegates than Bernie, though? So even without superdelegates, he would have lost. Oh, and call me crazy… but don’t the Dems have a right to back the candidate they choose instead of someone who… let’s all say it together… was proudly not even a Democrat??

  • Trump-Russian collusion was never proven, which is a long way from saying it was completely made up. Trump could have helped himself by, oh IDK, not publicly asking Russia for help during his press conferences & campaign rally. It WAS proven that Russia did attempt to sway the election toward Trump through social media and creating sham “media outlets”.

  • It’s still unknown where Covid came from, but the right’s narrative that Dems said it couldn’t have is untrue. This is also a claim pinned to Fauci, who in fact left the door open many times as to its origin. Where it came from has nothing to do with how poorly Trump handled the virus, ranging everywhere from saying it would disappear to praising Chinese president Xi for his handling of it, to suggesting doctors inject both sunlight and disinfectant.

Sorry to hone in so much on Trump, but when you mention lies, he just comes to mind.