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You have an extremely abrasive way of talking to people. Anyone ever tell you that?

Endemic means that a disease has a constant presence with a population; I am very aware of its meaning and used the word to describe what I intended to say accurately.

>People don't want to risk their lives for shit wages. I know people who used the pandemic to get out of the hospitality industry entirely and I doubt they're the only ones.

I also know people like that, and good for them. I also know people who turned 17, 18, and 19 during the pandemic. They are qualified to do exactly nothing and their parents aren't going to pay for them to be unemployed into perpetuity. Fuck the capitalist overlords (seriously) and everything, but these same people have to start working to start their lives and, again, are qualified to do nothing other than basic service industry jobs.

I don't know why you're so hostile to the idea, but COVID did not permanently kill late-night dining. This shit will work itself out eventually. There is demand, there will be supply. I too hate capitalism, but that's what we've got and its basic precepts will, as always, apply.


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Look man, any way you slice it, we're at the endemic phase of the pandemic. There are countless people braving the restaurant scene every day; what we have in the way of harm reduction is what we're going to get. You don't have to tell me about the pandemic, I did everything I was supposed to do and advocated for others to do the same. I respect the severity of it, I get it.

I would argue that employers aren't looking for these employees. I haven't seen "Help wanted: Night Shift" signs up at restaurants/diners. They're not trying to be open, that's why they're not open.


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Look, I understand what you're saying here, but there are absolutely people who would be willing to work a night shift at a restaurant. Some people's lives just don't really accommodate working during the day for any number of reasons.