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Orphan Black lost me near the end but I was sticking with it out of a sense of loyalty, not because I was still invested. I think a different pace or cutting it down by a season would have helped.

Obligatory Game of Thrones.

I also wanna saw SVU. Honestly it's such a disaster right now. It doesn't feel like it used to, even 4 seasons ago. It's the Benson show and the writing/characters are soulless.

Survivor isn't what it is used to be either and them sticking to the shortened season/number of days really suuuuuucks. So yeah, I think it's going off the rails.

Part of me wants to say The Good Place because like Orphan Black, I think it got jumbled and too side-tracked along the way. Like the finale but it just didn't hold the charm it once did.


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Thanks for the thoughtful reply! Regarding the chopsticks, are you intentionally stirring without touching the bottom or are you scraping it? Should the sides be scraped right away or once egg has begun to cook/form? I hadn't tried using them and I wonder if my rubber spat is part of my issue.


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As someone with death anxiety, it brought me both fear and comfort. Its messages could be a bit heavy handed but I still appreciated the themes and morals posed. Much of the cast felt well rounded despite only having 16 episodes to work with. I would love to see SG up its games and character development, if it's not going to dive deep into philosophy like Alice in Borderland.


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S1E3 still makes me ugly cry. Squid Games hasn't done that to me so I'm always in favor of AIB myself, bigger games, more engaging characters and an overall cool vibe. Def recommend it.