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It really shows just how bright the Orion Nebula is and how even in the Providence area you can faintly see it.

One of my favorite constellations for all it has going on. (If Betelgeuse could supernova in my lifetime that would be absolutely incredible.)


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My dad was a kid during the blizzard of ‘78.

Before I moved out, our blizzard shopping trips weren’t bread and milk. We got stuff like frozen pizzas and snacks because if we were getting snowed in we’d make a party out of it. I kind of miss it but now that my son is getting older I’m doing the same with him, making it special.


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I gave up after months of not getting Adderall and switched to Vyvanse. I absolutely loved it. I just haven’t gotten out refilled since December beater of how expensive it is and not having the drive to fight my insurance over it. I hope a good generic of it comes out once the patent expires.