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There has been interest, there have been several developments proposed but they never get approved and are always killed early by the Hill CDC for various reasons mostly how it doesn't benefit the Hill community itself. I think it's politically very difficult to get development approved because of the sensitivities from the controversial history.


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Are tax players still paying for the stadium? I know the fee is still on ticket prices but the stadium was built 20 years ago for $280M (not entirely by tax dollars) and just got $150M naming deal from Acrisure. Throw in the $57M from the old Heinz deal and that's the majority of the public money paid back just in naming rights. I have a hard time believing they havent already paid off those initial costs especially with the fee on ticket prices specifically for that purpose.


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From a North American native population? They didn't use hieroglyphs, they had petroglyphs and pictographs but those arent a form of writing. Do you have a source on the scrolls? That sounds impossible until the Europeans arrived and introduced written language