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I was recently contemplating how similar fast moving river water with its swirls and waves looks a lot like atmosphere of a gas giant, or the formation of galaxies. Made me wonder if magnetism and gravity were the only forms of “drag” giving the swirling galaxies their shape since there are no shorelines or rock to provide it in space.


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Who said anything about killing anyone? Just don’t have kids. If people were responsible and being childfree were normalized instead of shunned, We’d be down by a few billion in a generation. Making more modern societal consumers on purpose is selfish and irresponsible.

You don’t have to kill anyone to depopulate. Just stop breeding.


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This is going to end terribly for you. 32 is a creepy age to be hooking up with 18s. You’re hooked on him because you don’t know any better yet. Infatuation is a powerful intoxicant. When he breaks your heart and tosses you aside for the next 18 year old, you will have learned a valuable lesson about creeps. Be safe.


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The “Here and Now” isn’t where relationships have trouble. It’s the “What was I supposed to do yesterday?” and “do we have plans tomorrow?” That make relationships hard. Now is easy, remembering yesterday is hard.


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People who leverage their wealth on NFTs and Crypto are going to be hilarious when the grid collapses.

“But, I’m a billionaire! It’s all on this flash drive!”


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No. NFTs are a scam from the ground up. There’s also the problem of electricity. When the Power goes out, NFTs go away.


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In another generation, learning will be considered obsolete. AI and automation will be good enough that Idiocracy will be a documentary.