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Reminds me of Minca Ramen in NY pre-Covid. They sold these pork chashu rolls that were to die for. Not sure why they dropped, but it was the main reason I went there several times a month.


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Can’t sleep at all. Scary as heck. The flag pole across the street is wobbling like crazy and the flag looks like it might’ve torn.


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It’s my favorite fast food restaurant in CT. The lobster roll was buttery and amazing. My favorite dish to get is the chicken tenders and steak (medium rare) with asparagus with the Dijon cheese sauce YUM.


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Call AccessHealth. Being unable to qualify for Husky, the next best will be Connecticare Silver. With that income, he/she will be eligible for up to $490 tax credits. This lowers your premium as a whole to less than $50 per month (this is what you pay to have the insurance).

Doctor visits/hospital visits are a guesstimate and only apply to extra costs if not applied. Your best bet is to get a broker. They’ll help explain everything and break it down for you.


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This is definitely true. They’re given “A’s” for everything and yet can’t put the work on paper. My friend’s daughter is in middle school and they allow her to use a calculator on homework and tests, but if you ask her to solve it on paper she doesn’t know shit.

Edit: Downvoted for telling the truth. Most of these kids barely know the basics. All these chromebooks and calculators. They don’t know how to do shit otherwise.