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I always think about this. I was a pretty lazy teen, but after I got mono I reached a whole new level. Nearly failed my first semester of university, slept until 10-11 and had to start building class schedules around that (despite waking up at 630 to get ready every morning and arriving to high school an hour early), went from working out three days a week to feeling too tired to cook lunch (which didn't help the spiral). There are lots of possibilities - new environment, more difficult class level, less supervision, but I never felt so "out of it" in my life as that first two years.


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Outside context problem.

Access to fire is pretty integral in the story of humans, but most prehumans would have likely only considered it extremely dangerous and never beneficial in ways similar to other animals when they see fire.

The wheel is surprisingly new considering the length of human history, we've only had wheels for about half the time. Basically, everything that moved had legs, so moving was leg stuff, not weird geometry stuff. It's a sufficiently long time of working with round objects (trees) likely on hilly terrain to not realize the gravitational effect on a tubular shape, but it's not a leg, so it doesn't really move...

Six hundred years ago, nobody thought the same stuff that made lightning could also move a vehicle or move liquid around to make ice. It just wasn't part of the way we understood the universe.

OCPs suck because we can't ever go back the other direction. There's probably not many human adults alive today that wouldn't understand the benefits that a wheel could have, or that fire can be good or bad, or at least, in some capacity, lightning stuff makes the blender go vrrrrrr. It makes seeing the next one even harder.