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Alcohol is going to wipe churches off that map. There used to be a bar at the McKees Rocks side of the Fleming Park bridge that had pretty good fish, but I haven’t been over that way in years.


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If you can get clear title quickly, it really wouldn’t matter if Carvana goes belly up after you buy a car.

Carvana is sitting on a mountain of debt they borrowed to expand as well as inventory they bought when used car prices were high. Now interest rates are climbing and used car prices are falling and Carvana is caught in between.


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If you can, I’d try to buy a new enough car that you could still shop an extended manufacturer’s warranty for it.

Different makes handle it differently, but generally it still has to be within the original bumper to bumper warranty. Some dealers around the country do a nice side business selling discounted manufacturer’s extended warranties online. I just got one for a new car from a dealer in central PA.

Carvana (and places like Carmax) have really high prices for used cars. You can’t negotiate. You do get the 7 day return privilege, I guess. But that wouldn’t make up for the higher price imo.