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Sorry for the second post on this topic, after this one from a day or two ago, but this article contains some details the previous one didn't, including some statements by Councilwoman Lynch (whose district covers VCU) and a look at the overall trend, and IMO this conversation is worth continuing.


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We should design our streets so that driving slower comes naturally. I'm no traffic engineer, but I've read good things about roundabouts, regular speed bumps, lower speed limits, and deliberately inducing more congestion. None of which are popular with drivers, but fuck popularity; lives are at stake.

Plus we need a decent network of protected bike lanes that folks will actually use because it's actually useful.

And universal sidewalk coverage.


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Hi, and thanks for this AMA.

For Mr. Davenport: Do you (or might you in the future) ever cover the US Space Force, in addition to NASA and the space industry, or does something like that typically fall under the purview of the Post's defense-focused journalists?

For Mr. Reisman: What sorts of things does a 'mission specialist' do, and can that vary a lot from specialist to specialist?


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Is there a name for this aesthetic?

If not, I suggest 'possumcore'.

Edit: there's a Facebook meme page with 320k likes called "possumcore" that has pics in the style of this one. So I guess I'm not as original as I thought... in any event, Happy New Year, everyone!