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This research confirms what I have been saying for over a decade. I used to deal with a lot of mental health issues in my twenties when my gut health was my worst. Chronic IBS.

I got my gut fixed with dietary changes and high grade probiotics (VSL#3) and slowly but surely my mental health got significantly better. It took years and I did a lot of work on myself, a lot of mindfulness practice and meditation, lots of physical exercise.

Now I'm an all-around solid dude who rarely has anxiety and has a suit of emotional armor +5 defense swarthy gear all around.


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>Unfortunately, while these immature cells make cartilage that is youthfully regenerative during embryonic development or acute injury, they seemed to create cartilage that is dysfunctionally immature in the context of a chronic condition such as osteoarthritis.

>“When present on a longer term basis, hyperactivation of the immature program in cartilage cells is likely to promote inflammation and, ultimately, degeneration and fibrosis,” said Liu, a senior scientist in the Evseenko Lab.

That's a very big caveat that people should be aware of the research. This is extremely early and it is serving as a foundation for others to build work upon. You won't have this anytime soon (like 10 years + in a best case scenario).


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No but I got the injections and had a really negative experience. It's extremely anecdotal but I had chronic pain increased from the injections when they were supposed to do the opposite.

Everything that I read prior to getting them stated neutral or positive effects. I guess I'm lucky.


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>Please kindly quote me in the article where it mentioned the therapeutic use of psychedelic in modern health care setting. Not studies, and not trials. But as a drugs commonly prescribed by doctors for a specific use.

Oh we are moving the goalpost so quickly huh? Nice blatant dishonesty on full display. Also really pointless parameters.

"I don't want real science! Give me garbage instead pls."


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>You realize that delivery vehicles make more noise and smog and clog more streets, right?

USPS just announced electrifying their fleet. I also don't care if streets are filled with cars that's what they are designed to provide.

The air is NOT designed for your drone delivered antifungal anal cream your too lazy to drive to cvs to buy.


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I can't wait for this to get banned. This drone delivery idea is massively fucking stupid.

It's like red light cameras. We all think it's a great idea until it fucks our reality up then we waste billions by outlawing the thing we already spent money on.

At least this is a private company whoses losses will be their own.

Has anyone actually thought of what life will be like when we constantly have dozens of these noisy fuckers flying over our head constantly? Won't be able to look at the sunset without dronepocalypse ...


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I think that this is interesting and can be valuable for people who are in a good place but perhaps obsessive in their workplace.

But let's face it a majority of people are enduring a overactive life because the labor class has been reduced of its power and people cannot afford basic amenities without overworking. They certainly would prefer to be working less.