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So, you can't have some IN the shelter doing meth. They can go OUTSIDE and do the drugs....but this doesn't solve anything.

The Housing First doesn't work. People seem to think that if you can somehow connect with people on a primal food/shelter basic needs level you'll somehow set them on a path to get off drugs and/or treat their mental health. But it's really just a politician's wet dream type idea. As long as they can let the public think they are trying to do something, people will like them (ie get elected).

This isn't the stone age. You need to fix the issue first, then housing is a step after that to help keep them stay clean or mentally fit to be a functional member of society.

Do you know what the real hurdle is to solving this?


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Not denying services, dipshit.

You guys are dumb....this is why I "rage". You can't understand a simple concept, then come back with some off the wall shit.

I'll state my point again, and I'll even type slowly so you understand me: just putting in a homeless shelter won't do shit to stop the problem the pizza shop owner sees outside his door. It's a band-aid for a bullet wound. We need a comprehensive solution that addresses their drug addiction and/or mental health problems with a focus on returning these folks to be a functional part of society.

Nobody is denying anybody anything, but you can't have people going into homeless shelters and doing meth, you can't have them spinning in circles yelling at the ceiling and then assaulting someone.


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Yeah, not sure what your history lesson has to do with you not knowing how to solve problems, but you're a nurse....soooooo, I get it.

You can not get a guy to stop smoking meth outside McDonald's by "providing for his basic biological need of housing". You need to fix the drug addiction or mental health problem first. And lucky for you, that shit is indoors.

Do you happen to work for AGH or Forbes maybe?


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Housing in NOT step one. A comprehensive solution is needed, you don't piece this shit together. You're a fucking nurse, you should understand that covering up symptoms does not fix the problem.

Your last paragraph is just a bunch of feel good emotional thinker gibberish. My brother was in the pilot EMS program by the Center for Emergency Medicine and is now an ER nurse, I'll have to ask him if he knows what you're talking about.


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You stated the issue but you're happy about a solution that doesn't fix the problem. It's not a disgusting worldview, it's called reality and your crappy problem solving skills doesn't make me the asshole.

Mental health and drug addiction problems are not solved with homeless shelters. It's like putting on band-aids while you continue to cut yourself and you wonder why the bleeding won't stop.

I have no problem with what this guy is doing and i applaud him....but it won't do shit to stop what he and everyone else can clearly see happening downtown.

Don't be mad at me because you can accept reality. I'd expect you to downvote this....because that's what you guys are good at.


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This is a good idea to help out legitimate homeless people....those that are down on their luck and just need some help to get back on their feet and do their part in society.

What he's seeing are drug addicts.

We have the same issue here in Albuquerque, 2 brand new great homeless shelters completed last year...nobody in them. And the streets are still filled with drug addicts. It's getting worse every week.