DamILuvFrogs t1_j9fl3ep wrote

Colorado is a dry climate, so the hotter summer and colder winters don’t feel nearly as extreme at Virginia’s seasons do. The scenery is beautiful. The people are nicer. Deer in the mountains will literally eat out of your hand. I can’t stand the humidity here. The river is disgusting here. Colorado spring water and lakes in the mountains have every single natural body of water in Virginia beat by a long shot. So it comes down to. Weather/seasons. People. And the scenery. Just all are so much better imo. I lived out there for years. I’ve lived here for years. And I’d choose Colorado everyday of the week. But most of my moms side of the family is here and my dad is in Colorado, my dads side of the family is in west Va and Texas and Pennsylvania. I’ve been all over the country. Colorado is by far my favorite place in the states.

Edit. You’re going to love Colorado. Safe travels!