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I'm sorry about your friend. I don't think anyone is poking fun at the fact that fentanyl does exist and kills people all the time. And I agree that these sort of gummies should be regulated and tested.

To be fair the article isn't exactly clear. They say the cops found it on their machines that test at such an insanely small level but the lab did not find any. The author even says he doesn't know the labs detection threshold. But if a lab who deals with this stuff on a microscopic level doesn't find anything and the cops are saying "it's setting off OUR testing equipment" then the issue is probably with the cops and their equipment.

Are we 100 percent sure there isn't even .0000000000000000000000001 percent fentanyl in the gummies? No. I don't know that you could ever be 100 percent certain on that. But it is very clear now that the gummies the cops took weren't responsible for the deaths of the people that caused the cops to investigate anyways.


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>It turns out that the investigators who performed the original tests used some ridiculously sensitive portable equipment whose threshold for detection is .01 nanogram. One nanogram is equivalent to 0.000000001 grams, which, if my decimal-place counting is correct, is the same as one billionth of a gram. And that’s for one nanogram. In this case, we’re talking about a threshold that is one one-hundredth of said nanogram.
>Over the weekend, investigators sent the supposedly fentanyl-positive products off to a lab for further testing. And the lab found absolutely zero illegal drugs in any of those products. It’s unclear what the lab’s detection threshold is, but it’s clearly more than .01 nanogram, an amount that wouldn’t even begin to get a person high.