Derpazoid69 t1_j2a5rcr wrote

This is why I don't screw with options, I only buy shares. For every gain porn post where someone posts a few hundred thousand $ options gain, there's 45 loss porn posts about people blowing up their account from $50-$100k to $250 using options. Why take the risk of being wrong? To make money with a call you have to be right about the upward direction of the share price AND the time frame, if you're wrong your calls expire worthless. If you had just bought the shares and you're wrong and the share price doesn't increase you still have the shares and the majority of the time they still have value. You can just hold them until they increase in value. I'm down 32% right now just holding shares of various companies if I had used options I'd probably be down 90%+. But I can hold until the next bull market and my companies increase in value. Holding shares extremely rarely results in your investment account going from $100k to $0.