Digiarts t1_j5eyrq7 wrote

This is the wrong sub to ask this question I’m afraid. I too have made the jump from wired to wireless when it comes to earbuds(og AirPods)and was blown away how good the sounded and how light they were and the lack of wire would make me forget I had them in.

Recently I got myself Sundaras and while they sound really great the wire just kills it for me. Not to mention open back design where gf can hear them from another room. Anyway got me some focal bathys which are wireless or wired if you wish. Closed back and comfy. The sound is simply great. I can move around the house without worrying about cables or carrying a device with me.

Wired headphones are “more dead” than gas burning vehicles. I’m sure everyone is noticing the trend but some aren’t willing to admit it. There’s applications for wired and there’s no way around it but the convenience factor is the winner for wireless no doubt. I’m looking forward to more offering from major players when it comes to wireless headphones. It’s very exciting times we live in