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It's because if you file with your insurance - they will be sued after by your insurance company. When they win you will get your deductible back anyway. Basically they are just trying to keep this out of court. However - are they doing this for nefarious reasons as in they think they will need to pay a lot more if it goes to court and they think you may be a dummy who will lose themselves in the mess an auto accident becomes or are they just doing it to clear up the court system and handle things amiably. Highly unlikely it's the latter.


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Also I don't think you're paying the 11% on those cards you think you are right now. As interest rates have been raised card providers have been jacking up interest rates as well. You may be paying closer to 18% or higher right now, and considering the balance you hold that's some serious damage. If you have the credit - get yourself into a conventional loan at a lower interest rate with the terms locked in and get the fuck out of that CC debt. That's terrible man I bet that's where most of your money is going - to financiers every month. It looks like you're paying a ton of money in interest every month and you don't have any positive debt to offset that. You could also look into a loan for a basic business such as renting cars on turo or hyrecar or even privately. Or maybe a laundromat or something that will break even this year and begin positive cash flow. I mentioned things that don't require much time or input. Get yourself into enough good debt that it covers your entire bad debt. You don't seem to be moving forward. You seem to be in a state where you're comfortable with how things have been. You're in a really damn good position to move forward though. Start considering that and planning. I know it has nothing to do with this 20k tax bill but you've got a great set up to build on - even being stagnant with debt. Start planning and building my friend! You don't deserve to spend your days working for the future of others.