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Ah true, I missed the Operator Condor mention in my eagerness to comment 🤣 The dumbest naming convention ever, but I guess they didn't want to launch a sequel in the US after Jackie had just had his breakthrough. I love the fight with the amazon women 😂 And the main monk is so over the top!

Many years ago I actually did a Top 10 on YouTube that got way more attention than it deserved 😂 But it had Armour of God as number one. I even enjoyed The Protector and City Hunter back then 😂 https://youtu.be/SU-wW19uJ7I


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I think that in pre-Hollywood Jackie had many of his best single moments because of his insane physicality, but he for sure didn't have his best overall movies. I have watched most of his movies with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, and thought they were too silly, and took away from Jackie's stunts to leave room for the less interesting guys. I have watched most of his historical movies, and just don't care much about all that, I want insane stunts. In some of his first solo movies he used to have awesome training montages, like in "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow", "Drunken Master" and "The Young Master. But much of those movies were just Jackie goofing around acting overly silly on bad fake-looking sets. The early stuff isn't always automatically the best.


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It was the end of his Hong Kong era, and the beginning of his Hollywood era. I love a bunch of his Hollywood movies:

Rush Hour 1 + 2
Shanghai Noon + Knights
Mr Nice Guy
Who Am I?
Rumble in the Bronx.

But before he also nailed it
The Legend of Drunken Master
Twin Dragons
Armour of God 1 + 2
Police Story 1 + 2

I wasn't the biggest fan of his earliest stuff with the trio and Project A, but I did love "Wheels on Meals".


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I think that this statement didn't really become true until Jackie became political in his old age. He use to love Hong Kong and be against the communist party, until he suddenly wanted to become part of it. Strange.