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Early part of season 4, I was done. Menendez dying, Sean getting together with Lea and Sean's freakout in Season 2 episode 10. Also by Season 4 I didn't like Sean anymore and thought he was a horrible Doctor that should have stayed in research.

These were all major events that made me start to dislike the show and by Season 4 I was out.


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exactly and why I liked B99 so much. Yes there was Gina who was pretty bad but was really the only one of the cast that was bad. The rest of the cast were fun and enjoyable to watch. On AE most of the characters are either mean or so arrogant that the characters are unwatchable.

I don't even care if I get a laugh. Just make the characters watchable and enjoyable.


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12 is an interesting age and good post by you.

Very little access to anything but the radio and Midnight Special on Fridays and Don Kirschner's Rock concert on Saturday. Even then money was tight being 12, I could hold a cassette recorder to the radio or get the 45's when they came out.

Most of these came from my school mates that allowed me to listen to their music. I was so lucky that hard rock was a big thing in my school so I listened to my favorite genre of music.


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So in 1978. My favorites were. BTW not much money so a lot of greatest hits and live albums. Not in order.

  1. Boston - Boston
  2. Rush - Hemispheres
  3. Rush - 2112
  4. Kiss - Alive II
  5. UFO-Lights Out
  6. Saturday Night Fever - Soundtrack
  7. Elton John - Greatest Hits
  8. Led Zeppelin - Presence
  9. Kiss - Originals (repackage of first 3 albums)
  10. The Who - Who are You

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But they were, you just didn't live in it. SOAD was a massive band for a few years. Very unique band that left a huge musical footprint.

Unless you live through an era you can't know what it is like. The biggest era was the Kiss era, in the mid to late 70's, they were world wide massive. Now they are a faint memory.

Try to find documentaries on the different musical eras and you will see what I mean.