Edwardc4gg OP t1_iy431xo wrote

so all the tv companies airing it should be on blast since they all 'support gay and trans rights' yet want this cause ratings.

fifa should be on blast

countries that support it should literally not be playing in it.

idk, kinda the hypocrit joyride from hell.


Edwardc4gg t1_iugrqsc wrote

Good. If you liked the texture of the bark but not the inside next time wrap it at 170 and continue until 190 then out in a cooler for a few hours. Amazing.


Edwardc4gg t1_irsbloo wrote

idk not my problem cause i leave my phone at home since i live where said theme park is. i also know most of the really tall and fast coasters at said theme park actually will force you through a metal detector and not let you on with it and force you into a free locker.

thus, just leave it at home.


anyway, im out of this thread now. toooooodles :D