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> requires more human touch

As a counter argument, I believe a human touch can include anything all over the map. I don't blame someone looking to get more of an unbiased or more reserved iteration before submitting anything important, especially if you conclude it does a better job than you of conveying meaning. I sometimes struggle at getting to the core of what I mean through words. It's one of the reasons emoji's were created.


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We have more than enough money to do both. The US was sending resources to Ukraine without even affecting its 2022 military budget. The US spends like 3% of its GDP on military infrastructure. Freight railroads are often a PPP between state/federal/private entities, but legislation needs to exist (and are up to date) to ensure minimal standards are maintained. We've been rolling these standards back since 2016, so this was bound to happen.


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Unfortunately train derailments, like any other hazard/disaster cannot be reduced to 0%. The difference we can make is to implement the policies at a national level proposed during the Obama administration which standardizes EBS in freight rail, and invests in continuous improvements to aging rail lines. States themselves do also bear responsibility in ensuring rail infrastructure is held to at least minimal standards of safety, and parts of the line near East Palestine were well below standards. Screaming on the internet about one rich CEO is not how you fix this stuff though. It's how you get laughed at.


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The dust caused by something not even related to the train derailment in Ohio, which is not directly the responsibility of the current CEO of Northfolk Southern, a company literally everyone in this community likely relies upon in more ways than they can count. This community is becoming embarrassing.


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I just tried this question myself and it repeatedly dodges the question and claims such a thing is not possible. That being said, ChatGBT isn't designed to offer actual advice like this. In its current form it's not doing a heck of a lot more than mirroring information it's able to scrub that's related to the topic requested. I shouldn't say "that's all", because that's impressive as hell, but it's not to the point of offering credible advice.


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I feel like I've been watching this racing towards us at breakneck speed and unless you're just into this stuff you don't notice it at all. So I mention this concept to friends and while they can clearly see the quick progress, they don't see really where it can be applied and how that can impact people.