Ericrobertson1978 t1_jeg7elp wrote

I had to stop taking benzodiazapines altogether after getting C-LAM. That shit is bad decision making incarnate.

I would always start with the very best intentions, but then it would kick in and I'd inevitably black out and wake up in jail or the hospital a few days later.

I wish I could take benzodiazapines to sleep, but instead of going down, I wanna go on some idiotic adventure. I become a mindless automaton and shell of my former self.

Now I don't use them at all, if only to avoid prison and death.

They are certainly terrifying. Lol


Ericrobertson1978 t1_jbc77zl wrote

They'll probably outlaw this technology in the near-future, unfortunately.

I never thought I'd see the day that one of the major US political parties started blatantly pushing fascism. They are openly following the fascist playbook at this point.


Ericrobertson1978 t1_j81kqus wrote

We let our kids say whatever they want at home, all curse words included.

They have literally never been in trouble for using such language in front of overly uptight people who would be offended by it.

Cussing lost it's appeal because we don't mind if they do it. My kids are 9f and 16m. As parents, we cuss far more than they do.

Just words used for emphasis. No reason to be upset I've them.

With that said, my kids are extremely respectful, smart, and well liked amongst teachers and friends. We got lucky, thus far.

I've never understood people who are so uptight they think cussing is wrong. Lol. Mind boggling.