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Much more common in the US, is to use a family life. Example: “this trust will last as long as the life of Tom Jones or any of his now living decedents, plus 21 years.” It could be a trust, rental contract, or some other type of contract. Many states have gotten rid of this old 21 year rule, and allow 90 years, 360 years, or even 1000 years.

The point is to not keep property, especially real estate, bound up forever.


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When the universe ends, all the black holes will have evaporated. Your atoms will have evaporated… first from each other, then the very electrons, protons, and neutrons in each atom will separate from each other. The neutrons will decay into protons and electrons, and probably even the protons will decay into neutrinos.

At the end times, there will be no black holes, no atoms. Just photons, electrons, and neutrinos, all separated from each other by trillions of trillions of light years.


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Sure, it would work. Where are you going to get the "unlimited power"? Not even nuclear power is unlimited. It could be used to produce heat, which would be used to kick something out of the rear of the spaceship.

You just need something 50 times the mass of the payload (including that nuclear heater). So 1 part living system & heater, and 50 parts reaction mass to kick out. Now, how heavy is a nuclear reactor that can heat water (or whatever you're using) to super hot plasma?


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Actually, the speed of light is 299 792.459 km/s. But that's a nit.

Your mass with an escape velocity just a hair under the speed of light would already be practically invisible. Any light that left would be red-shifted to extremely large wavelengths, such as (for example) 300 000 kilometers. That's more than 23 times the diameter of the Earth. Also, the energy of the photons would be corresponding low. Detecting (seeing) such a photon would require an antenna of about that size.

Your mass would be, I guess, some type of hyper-neutron star with a mass of 3.56 x 10^(57) hydrogen atoms. I speculate that quantum fluctuations alone would be enough to cause collapse into a black hole.

The mass doesn't "suddenly" become invisible. It becomes invisible very gradually.