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In my experience you can pile larger waste like limbs out on the curb and the city will get them at some point in the next two months on a day that doesn't correlate to anything.


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I'm not sure either. As I said it's not the best but it's huge and they have great beer. There is a place for it on any pho list. It's not bad by any means.


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It's not the best but if you want to punish yourself go to Mekong and get the Super Bowl. I don't think there is a bigger pho in RVA.

The big thing Mekong has going for it over the (better) other places is that you can drink really good beer with your pho.


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I went to Brambly with the manager of several highly rated restaurants in Cary, NC. Everything went poorly. We had a reservation for something like 2:30 but for some reason they weren't open until 3. They didn't think that was odd and treated us like we made a mistake but that's fucking impossible because we made it on their website.

After waiting (I had advocated moving to somewhere else but they wanted to stay) we sit down and are the only table there. Somehow we still got shit service. Manager I am with had spent literally his whole career in the good industry and I've been a server and bartender so I know bad service.

We get served a wine that was actually spoiled. I've never had that happen at any other restaurant. Not even just slightly oxidated, actually spoiled or contaminated. No big deal except we can't find a server for 10 or 15 minutes and we are literally the only people.

Food was ok. They offered us no discount for the botched reservation or fucked up wine (except replacing it).

Fuck that place. Ran by garbage who need to get out of RVA.


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7 Hill Brewing - they were a level beyond awful. Terrible service, bad food, bad beer.

Cannon and Draw - I had no complaints about them

Twisted Ales - very mediocre on all counts. Replaced by Basic City which still isn't my favorite but isn't bad.

Champion Brewing - I was surprised about them. I thought they had good beer and it was a cool venue. I'm guessing it was that location that is now Sandman.


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I know plenty of people that do it. Some people have chargers at work, there are chargers at a few walmarts and grocery stores too. You can charge at a lot of cool places too like Cary Town and the bottom. If your car has a 250 mile range and your commute isn't bad you don't need to charge often and can even trickle charge in your driveway.


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Completely agree, if private individuals want to fund a baseball diamond then great. I very much doubt the flying squirrels contribute $3.5 million to the city in the same timeframe. This money could be better spent on our parks but Redditors love their baseball. I mean we have a park that's almost completely inaccessible now because it needs a new bridge and we are throwing this money into something soon to be demolished.