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Let me clarify. While it's existence can be proven through pictures online, it is not considered "official" enough to confirm its existence through means such as Wikipedia and even most subreddits that I've tried posting this too. That is what I meant when I said it can't be proven with an official source. It is an unfortunate loop.


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ChatGPT has been playing too many video games I suppose lol. I've never played fnaf so I wouldn't know. But yeah I've tried so hard to resurface this piece of history and it never works! The wikipedia mod told me that I need valid sources, but idk how to create valid sources if the valid sources get removed for not having valid sources. It's a never ending cycle dude. Lol.


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Lmao here is ChatGPT's Caesarland creepypasta:

Caesarland was a popular arcade restaurant in the heart of town, famous for its delicious pizzas and fun games. But behind the bright lights and happy customers, there was a dark secret lurking within the walls of the establishment.

Legend has it that the mascot of Little Caesar's, a cartoonish character named Caesar, had come to life and was wandering the halls of Caesarland after hours. Some employees claimed to have seen him moving on his own, his eyes glowing red in the darkness.

One night, a group of teenagers dared each other to spend the night inside Caesarland to see if the rumors were true. They entered the building just as it was closing, and as the night wore on, they began to feel like they were not alone.

Strange noises echoed through the empty halls, and the air grew colder as they explored the dark corners of the arcade. And then, they saw him. The Little Caesar's mascot, standing at the end of the hallway, his eyes blazing with an otherworldly light.

The teens tried to run, but the doors were locked, and they found themselves trapped inside the haunted arcade. Caesar seemed to be following them, his footsteps getting louder and louder as he closed in on them.

As the night dragged on, the teens realized that Caesar wasn't just a cartoon character brought to life. He was something else entirely, something dark and malevolent that had been waiting for its chance to escape from the confines of the arcade.

In the end, only one of the teenagers managed to escape from Caesarland, and even he couldn't explain what had happened that night. But to this day, people whisper about the haunted arcade, and warn each other not to stay too long after closing time, lest they fall victim to the Little Caesar's mascot and his insatiable hunger for souls


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This place was my whole childhood. It was the better version of Chuck E. Cheese in my hometown growing up. There were arcade games, a spinning door maze, a small zipline, and of course they served Little Caesar’s pizza. There was also the mascot from my nightmares that would come out for birthday parties(not my pic). Also fun fact, to this day, will redirect you to Little Caesar’s website! This is a forgotten piece of history that I wish more people knew about because it’s not even on their wikipedia page. I tried making a paragraph about it but it gets immediately removed for not being able to prove my claims with an official source, which does not exist because it’s only documentation is through those who remember it.