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I have to pay child support except the kids and their mother, my wife live with me full time. I just don’t get to call it child support.

This guy makes so much money, has capital gains which means he made money when he sold his house yet is broke. None of this makes any sense. A guy like this usually says he just bought a new truck because he can’t ride his motorcycle because it’s raining and his other car is only for the weekends.

Stop spending money. Pay off your debts. No magic solution.


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I think you might want to think of your credit score in a different way. The way I explain it to people is that your credit score is the measurement of your ability to borrow money and more importantly your ability to pay it back. That’s why people who can already borrow money can borrow more money easily. If someone else is willing to lend you money then I would too. Lower risk. So the greater your balance means more risk to pay it off so your score drops. The banks aren’t out to get you. They are in the business of making money.

Also there is no need to constantly check your credit score. It’s only important when you need to borrow money.

Keep paying it off every month. Request an increase to your limit. Open one more card. You will be fine.


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I added my son to my CC so he can build his credit. I pay off the balance every month. He benefits from my credit line and my payment history. Your mom is a sinking ship and you just chained yourself to her. I would try to reverse it if possible. No credit is better than bad credit.