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I don't know for sure about this particular program, but I wouldn't be super worried about it. There are TONS of ways for kids to get free books from the local library system, and they actually do a very good job promoting it and distributing items.

If the city chose to eliminate it, I'd be fine with it, considering it's something that the libraries are inherently better-equipped to do.


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Reply to Fire updates. by eWoods115

What's your field? DM me a LinkedIn if you want, as I'm a remote worker at a huge multinational that will never require I show up in person.


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I'm as crunchy as they come, but this is bad info. I wouldn't hesitate to use an herbicide on Tree of Heaven, because that's the only practical way to kill off the roots if it's living next to a building foundation. It's not like you can physically remove it, unless you plan on excavating the side of your house.


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Broke my wrist last summer so it cut my season short, for sure. Honestly, I'd be down to just find another secret spot with some decent pavement and no observers. Playground parking lots are the worst.


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I read the article and it sure seems like someone used a lot of words to say that 25 minutes isn't a real long time to have to sit in a car.

Happy to see that Sean Collier has made a career out of treading water in the kiddie pool, because this article is essentially "people, please touch grass."


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UPMC McKeesport has some fantastic nurses, however. All of their staff were pretty great, every time I've been there. Always got the feeling they were the most "real" or something, like the distance between McKeesport and Downtown meant that they weren't all drinking the Corporate Kool-Aid.

That ER triage on a Friday/Saturday night is WILD, though. Long time ago, went in with a ruptured appendix, and had a woman who spoke only in profanity on one side of me, and a guy who was on PCP (restrained to the bed, naturally) on the other. By the time we were shuffled our separate ways, I'm pretty sure they had decided to marry each other in order to spite a third party.


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>When it comes to reliability though Comcast runs circles around the electrical grid in the area. Had short power outages nearly monthly, occasional longer ones where even the traffic lights would go down - but if you had your network on battery backup the internet worked just fine the entire time.

The electrical grid has nothing to do with internet traffic being transmitted over coax to your house, other than your devices needing electricity to function, but I guess if you needed to give Comcast a bonus point for "not being as shitty as the electrical grid" then I suppose this counts.


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By design, their speeds are asynchronous, and upload is at most a tenth the speed you're getting for downloads. I can promise you that if you're doing remote work, your co-workers know the difference.

The quality of the modem/router, when you're dealing with Comcast, is negligible. It's shit tier service for those who can't get anything better, and anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together would recommend FiOS over Comcast.


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If no one in your building has FiOS yet, and everyone's on Comcast, you likely have no fiber in your building, and everything is run via coax cabling (what you got HBO via in the 80s).

If you're seeing coax cable in your rooms, that's likely all you have, and it's suggesting that Comcast is what everyone else is using.


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How much stuff do you have to move? Are you looking for help carrying stuff, or do you just need a large vehicle to physically deliver your stuff? What is your budget? What kind of "stuff" are we talking - appliances, a piano or two, or just boxes with clothes?

You're giving zero information, and even if you called a moving company they'd be asking you the same exact questions.