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I am all for this. Anything that can expand my own computer use. You guys should be all for it as well, because you will get old and decrepit one day, and I doubt your desire to use computers will decline. Do you think computer accessibility is going to be just baked in by that point? To an extent, there will be some generic features such as screen readers, or color, blindness mode, or voice activation. However, I doubt that any of those things will make up for the abilities that everyone here will eventually lose.

Source: I am 40 year old quadriplegic. I am what you guys will eventually become when you get old.


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I remember reading that many doorways in the Netherlands, specifically, Amsterdam, are deliberately as narrow as possible. Something to do with a really old law that determined property tax based on doorway size or something like that. I actually canceled my trip there, because I’m in a wheelchair and if I can’t get into the buildings, there’s no point dealing with air travel as a disabled person.

Have things changed in the Netherlands? Have they made more of an effort to make Amsterdam wheelchair accessible? I’d go, if so.


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Reply to Willow by brerRabbit81

I thought it was a definite slow burn with some pretty rewarding scenes in the last two episodes.


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I really don’t think it’s as simple as you want it to be. The city government might be in charge of water treatment, but they get their funding from the state. When you try to address a societal problem without funding, you get what you pay for. The Republicans at the state level who determine Jackson’s annual budget for things, such as emergency services, road repair, education, and yes, water treatment.

So how do you square that circle, so to speak? Yes, Jackson wants to solve its water problem so people don’t have to constantly buy pallets of drinking water just so they can take a bath. No, Jackson will not be able to solve its water problem without adequate funding from the state. No, Jackson does not want to release those funds to Jackson for reasons.