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Tom kha soup (I like chicken) and curry puffs from elephant thai. Soothing And comfort.

Hot and sour soup. Peter chang's is optimal but there's one closer I'm happy enough with. Ever since the one where Galley is now, closed anyhow. They had the best ever. Kept in the lily.


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I've found a great source when I have to buy fresh herbs is new grand mart. They have bundles of dill by the handfuls, among others. I gotta ask, no onion in the chicken salad? Just the celery? I've got to have multiple crunches in mine. Tho I often theme my chicken salad also. Curry, lemon pepper, garden herb, sweet and nutty. If I try to make it too plain, I just end up wishing it was ukrops.


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Kidtopia has been okay. Pigtails and crewcuts is actually closer, but the Google reviews were awful when I checked last year, so we didn't try it. The first few cuts were good. I had to finish up the last one a bit where they had the back at a slight diagonal before the holidays. That was a little iffy but she was quite excited and looking around.


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Mine is 3. She's excited, but it wasn't until a well meaning grocery clerk at Kroger asked if she was setting out milk and cookies, did she get Really excited. So I wasn't planning to do that yet, but we made a batch of chocolate chip cookies before I headed to work tonight. I'm just glad to be off, tips were decent, and we got out on time. Dad and I are having a late dinner, cleaning up and watching RPDR, then being Santa and putting everything out by the tree. Edit: we also have some home grown we got as a gift!


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Our house is sick so I have to disappoint grandma with a call later. I already bought the food, so I'm still making sides today, lazily. The. I can make the turkey tomorrow and we can make some frozen meal preps I suppose! I've been up since my kid woke at 5 and I can't sleep because the second I get comfortable she wants to do sleepy gymnastics all over me. But she was up til 1, poor thing, so I'm stuck here until my husband returns from urgent care and swaps being a human teddy bear/heating pad with me.


Gothmom85 t1_ixew3kw wrote Richmond based skincare that's fantastic. As a bonus, the owner is a great person.

For something a bit more spot on you could always do a RVA sticker or something cool from the science museum, vmfa, Poe museum is pretty unique.

The Nile sells their berbere spice blend. I know I'd be thrilled if that came in a basket of goodies.

Ukrops baked goods.