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“The AmeriCorps program had awarded the state a grant of a little more than $1 million in 2016 to fund various volunteer programs in Maryland, including rewards for volunteers such as tickets to the Maryland State Fair and to Baltimore Ravens games.

But an investigation found “widespread violations” of the requirements for using the money. Fair tickets were given to people who were not eligible, including state employees, and state employee salaries were charged to AmeriCorps without proof those employees worked on the AmeriCorps grants.”


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I remember years ago Hogan used to point to O’Malley and Dems being the reason Baltimore didn’t have a Fortune 500 (or something along those lines) yet in the final month of his Governorship, he’s losing a fairly large company in the city. Doubt this will stick to him in terms of legacy, but he certainly deserves to take some of the blame here as his predecessor.


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I haven't been blessed to ride it yet since I'm swamped with school shit right now. Couldn't help but shed a tear knowing I was missing out on the Silver Line's opening, but next week I should have a free day to give it a ride and see how it is.

Side note, I'm glad it finally happened. The last few international flights I made (London and Lisbon), it was so nice hopping onto the train immediately after touching down in the airport. When I got to Dulles, I had to shuttle to the Metro immediately after getting out of the airport. It's so much more convenient to be able to take the train right at the airport.


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I dunno anything about Cleveland’s system but based on my (admittedly limited) knowledge of the system in Baltimore, it’s not even directly connected to Penn Station. Like, I get frustrated with the fact that Union Station in DC is only on the Red Line but I can at least expect to be in Union Station when I get off the train. Every time I’m in Baltimore, there doesn’t feel like a good reason to even casually use the subway compared to even the light rail. When driving, walking or taking the bus will be more efficient for what I need.