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>and no one will be assigned a personal desk. Essentially first come, first served

So they learned absolutely nothing about good health practices from the pandemic...

[Not really surprised]


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Must be dependent on department/seniority. A family member of mine works from home for BNYM and would've called me bitching up an absolute storm by now if he had to do this.


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Yep, hate to shit on someone's job, but I've been to 2 NFL games, a handful of baseball games across varying leagues, and 2 concerts at NFL stadiums recently, and not once did I need to ask for help to figure out where to go. Should really be a job that gets rolled into the security team's duties for the rare occasion it's needed. All the ushers did was slow me down by checking tickets (really not necessary - if you're in my seat, you better believe I'm getting security to move you) and walking too slow when escorting other people.


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I have frequent issues where packages sent to me have improperly covered old labels, and then they get stuck in an infinite loop because some centers read the new label and some read the old. I'm currently waiting on a package that's gone across the country 3 times. USPS was supposed to flag it for manual sorting but that didn't happen.


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Couple thoughts:

Glyphosate works, triclopyr is better for ToH (per PA Dept of Ag, Penn State Ag Extension). Tractor Supply sells "Brushtox," a highly-concentrated Triclopyr-based product.

You did what's called "hack-and-squirt" - a recommended method for treating ToH, but it's known to take several applications over a year or two to really work.

Try cutting the herbicide with a little bit of diesel - the thickened mixture will sit in the hacks, whereas unmixed herbicide can just trickle out.

September is pushing you luck at the end of the season. At the end of the growing season, the tree pulls nutrients into the roots for the dormant season. Herbicides must be applied before this starts. A good indicator that this has started is red-colored leaves. If the leaves are red, it's too late.

Depending on the size of the plant, a foliar application can work relatively quickly, but if it's too big, spraying the leaves may be unsafe as herbicide can blow back at you.

Sounds like you're on the right track, but may need one or two more applications this year. Just whatever you do, do not cut it down until you are certain the damn thing is dead.


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You may drive with your license in PA

>5. Can I drive in Pennsylvania with my Foreign Driver's License? Individuals who possess a valid foreign driver's license from their country are authorized to drive in Pennsylvania for up to one year from their date of entry into the United States, or upon expiration of their foreign license, whichever comes first. International driving permits are strongly recommended, but not required.



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Bad advice. I know someone that had a Tree of Heaven pop up in his yard. Before we had a chance to treat it with herbicide, his landscaper hacked it down with hedge trimmers. Couple weeks later we found 8 new Tree of Heaven sprouts.

The Penn State Ag Extension and PA Dept of Agriculture specifically recommend not cutting down these damn trees. Triclopyr is the recommended herbicide, and there are several ways to apply it depending on size of the plant and time of year.


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What did you do to poison it? Certain methods work faster than others.

Edit: Also, depending on when in "fall" you treated it, you may have been too late. If the leaves had already started to turn red, you missed your chance.