Hoosac_Love OP t1_jefui28 wrote

It's not unual for young people to do cross country type road trips and stay a week here or a month there or two weeks here.Young people do that type of thing.

I don't think he lied ,I think he was just a transiant young person that made the mistake of staying Mass to long.I don't think he is lying.


Hoosac_Love t1_jeemn1c wrote

There is nothing stopping him either from driving the car out of state though if it is validly registered and insured by a valid out of state resident.

I used to to deliver pizza in Amherst near UMass and none of the out of state college students used MA plates on the cars their parents lent them.In amherst you see tons of out of state plates.Never heard of it being a problem.


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If that is the case and the address on registry is in Texas and in the mother who is a valid Texes resident.Leave things as is and drive around Massachusets with Texas plates.And if anyone asks just say you are barrowing temporarily from your mom and the car is not yours.Which is esentially true

I don't think MA can can force you to register a car in MA that is not owned,registered and insured by a MA resident.It's a glorified rental car basically!