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You could take him to Off Sak's if you dnt mind heading up to PM. They will have very nice suits for very little $$. Lots of good tailors in the RVA area as well. My neighbor is one as a matter of fact.

If you want to go crazy, grab a ticket to NYC and hit Century 21. Its the place everyone always talks about where you can pick up designer suits/fashion in general that would retail for thousands of dollars for a few hundred. (prob more of a future thought for his adulting suits.) I loved shopping there when we'd visit. Always came away with Versace, Dolce Gabanna, Armani..


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Thank you.

I am seeing a neurologist FINALLY! It only took a fucking YEAR!

They think that it could be several things, as somone here posted the last time I complained about lack of sleep PLMD may be the cause. I kick and thrash and vocalize violently at night. No arm movement, just legs, and its bad. Really bad. Normally I am not consious or even aware that its happening. Last night I was semi consious and it was happening for hours and it was scary as fuck to be perfectly honest.

Sleep study has been ordered, we will take it from there.

At least the doc ruled out ALS. My wife's mom had that, for about 6 months. We all know where that shit end. I couldnt bare to put her through something like that. This is bad enough, it affects both our sleep, moods, cognition. I am glad that she is at a convention out of town so she will get some shut eye while Im swimming in bed at night.

I look forward to a nights sleep, it will be a thing of beauty.


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I have a friend who knows the owner of one of a big name car dealerships in the area. He said that car theft is at an all time high in the area as well. High end cars are being stolen from dealer lots, homes etc. While I have not validated this information, considering the source I feel it is likely valid. Be vigilant, keep an eye on your surroundings.


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Oh God, I would HATE to be behind you. In my low car I will get about 3-4 CL back from the car in front of me and focus on the license plate, I cant see over the rails, cant see much at all save for a bit of road and the license plate. I make puzzles and word play to busy my mind.

Once on the other end, I relax my death grip on the wheel and carry on.


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You think that's bad? You should try the Robert O Norris bridge in Whitestone.

I have river front property in the area and have to drive that bridge regularly. I have fear of heights. When we take the truck with the trailer I have to go the long way via Tappahannock as I just cannot handle the RON bridge. It is terrifying.


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Dont keep up with soccer.


Today however, is my followup appt with my neurosurgeon to see how things went with my spinal surgery 10 days ago. Hope to be cleared to return to work!