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First, there aren’t 50 unsolved a year. You just made that up. Even if there were, 50 a year doesn’t equal 1000 over ten years. You said “math is easy on this one,” but I think you actually had a great deal of difficulty with 50 x 10. And even still, having 50 unsolved on a year over year basis — which there are not — does not mean that those continue to go unsolved forever. Also, even if there were 50, which there aren’t, you have no idea who does the murders. You can’t assume it’s one person per murder, that’s stupid. You can’t assume they all live here, either, that’s stupid. You also can’t assume that they would stay here after a murder! So, to sum up, you made some shit up, did basic math wrong, made several illogical assumptions, and then said something really inflammatory and wrong. There are NOT thousands of murderers walking around and you do NOT walk by one every day.

Your comment is atrocious and ought to be moderated, frankly.


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Since I’m being downvoted I’ll be a little clearer: tacos, along with all other cuisines, can be “elevated.” No one is actually charging 20/taco. Just because it’s not French or Italian or Spanish doesn’t mean it’s a cuisine that can’t be elevated. And wow lamb and caviar? Believe it or not there are “authentic” Mexicans in “authentic” Mexico selling and eating “authentic” tacos that are are made with “authentic” lamb.