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Exactly, my fam is split between roc and pit. Angola as a kid was always the spot to have a picnic lunch and go pretend to play frogger on the overpass lol. Really depressing to see they killed it


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used to always stop at a big overpass rest stop in Angola, NY traveling between WNY and the burgh. So I’m in like my fourth trip back and forth this month and it’s like 2AM I’m exhausted and I decide to stop bc it’s been quite a few years and I was gonna grab a milkshake or something. Walk in… complete ghost town. No business at all it looked like


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We kept a large flock but just over the border in Warshington co; some pro tips anyways, hens are quiet so no one cares and if you share eggs when you can everyone loves you anyways. Good luck!


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Could be, or could be a wegmans tactic to dominate a market before slowly pulling the rug out 😅

Ya my friend group in roc sent a long list of issues to our friend who works at wegmans corporate; he basically said “supply chain” and also “wegmans is looking to scale big and the WNY market is small so they don’t care about it anymore”. Damn lol


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I have probably 50+ turner tea orange crates and they aren’t stolen; I found a business who throws them away and offered them to me. Incredibly useful (keep in mind I lived on a farm here so I’m not taking about a normal residential property lol). But everyone should grab some!


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This has been mild compared to everyone I’ve ever lived in here. Sump pumps are your friend; and everything goes up on pallets or cinder blocks.

I rented a house in mt Washington that basically had an active river through the wall of the basement lol.


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I am in Union. All the board members, town staff, and solicitor abruptly quit, emptied the file cabinets, locked the computers and took the security camera logins and were gone overnight 😃

You may enjoy, here is said woman’s channel; this lovely clip was RTK’d before the security stuff was taken. This is our township secretary and unknown gentleman after hours kicking down the township building door to get access to the offices… like a fucking movie lol


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It reminds me of a woman I know down here in Washington co. She’s been dogging my town government for quite some time now, ultimately leading to them vacating all positions and our local government collapsing temporarily.

Interestingly, she’s pretty spot on if you tease stuff out but it’s a giant ramble run on sentence to try to follow anything and that alone scares everyone away from her. She assumes everyone is as knowledgeable about 3 decades of town government and jumps right into random stories about people you’ve never heard of and just assumes you also understand. Amazingly, she doesn’t even live in my town… she just became obsessed with righting the wrongs lol.

It’s amazing how the mind can work, and sometimes through the crazy there can be a lot of value… if you can tease it out