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Song - A Day in The Life - The Beatles

Theme - Star Wars

Band - The Beatles

Album - Rumours - Fleetwood Mac (Pet Sounds & Sgt Pepper would be choices too)

OST - This is too hard, so many great choices from Star Wars, Interstellar, Blade Runner, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (first one)

OST & Score as same thing so I'll skip that


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Based on description of the accident the guy in this copter is probably to blame as he struck the tail rotor of the other copter.

>Less than a minute after take-off, the departing helicopter (registration VH-XKQ)[7] was struck in the tail by an arriving helicopter (registration VH-XH9)

Pretty much a rear end collision. The people in the first copter had no clue what was about to happen.


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Barry Gibb song writing trivia just blows me away

In 1977 had five songs enter the top 10 at the same time

1977 Four of the top 5 songs were written by him

December 1977 to Sept 78 his songs were #1 for 27 out of 37 weeks

Only song writer in history to have 4 successive number 1 songs - Stayin Alive, Love is Thicker That Water, Night Fever, If I Can't Have You.

Only male artist to have 10 of the top 600 hot 100 billboard songs in history

The Bee Gees are only group in history to write, produced and record six straight #1 songs

Had #1 songs in 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s

Looks like her wrote 16 #1 songs overall. 6th most in history.


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People who are often left off lists like this but deserve a place

Barry Gibb - probably most underrated song writer of all time


Diane Warren - one of the greatest of all time

Max Martin - who will soon become the song writer with the most #1s of all time

The Glimmer Twins (Jagger & Richards)

Sting (he wrote or co-wrote nearly all the Police songs plus his own stuff)

Taylor Swift


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Yea, the whole 'east' side of the island and I believe the far north west corner as well.

You can see the roads on google earth and the road on the east side becomes one lane for much of it and looks like it hasn't been repaved since it was created.

There is just nothing on that side of the island so few people go there. But am sure it would make an amazing drive. It's on my list of things to do when I win the lotto and won't worry about destroying a rental car gif


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It was still being used by the last two survivors (I believe it was two)

It was basically set up so they could use it for their entire lives and the last two people have yet to die off. Who knows what will happen at that point.

It's in an amazing location, so maybe retirement home for rich people or natives or something. Who knows. No one asked me.


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That isn't the 'east side' I am talking about. I am talking about after Hana and around the whole south east side of the island.

Years ago you weren't even supposed to drive along the far side of the island, they had signs saying your car insurance would not cover you past certain points on the road. Not sure if still the same.


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Whatever.... not jealous..... I guess weather was bad both times we flew there & back.

Still if anyone goes to Maui and has a day to spare the ride to and from Molokai is CHEAPER than a helicopter ride and almost as amazing. Could fly over in the morning, rent a car and drive around the island and fly back that night and still be cheaper than a helicopter ride.

We did do a copter ride in Maui, started in Hana and went around the east and south ends of the island across the middle back to the main airport. That was amazing too. The east side of Maui is amazing and so few people see it because it is nearly impossible to get too.


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Been to Molokai, but didn't get to see the cliffs. Was disappointing.

For some reason when you fly from Maui to Molokai on the little plane they don't fly past the cliffs.

BTW Molokai is a great place to visit if you want a couple days of doing nothing but relaxing. No chain restaurants or stores all local places. Was a nice 2 days.