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If one side of the pizza has pepperoni on it and the other side is plain, and it's still cut into 8 pieces, would you say the pizza was cut differently because someone choose plain vs pepperoni? You wouldn't, unless you were wrong (and perhaps also have a poor grasp of how things work).

Trying to mask your foolishness for pedantic behavior of others says a lot more about you than you might think. Take the L, ideally while learning something from this, and move on.


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This seems like one of those "a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous" type of things.

Yes, of course ice expands as it freezes - but why aren't everyone's ice cube trays cracking from all that expansion? Because the ice has somewhere to go (up, in the case of the ice cube trays).

So unless water is getting trapped in a place where it has nowhere to expand, this truck is going to be just fine.