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Anything over 30 seconds requires a star tracker, but all star trackers have periodic error, preventing exposures past 4-5 minutes unless your system has a guide scope as well. It gets fairly complicated 🌠✌🏽


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I've found it possible to get good results in less than perfect conditions. For this I was pointing just west of Block Island, so there was some light coming from Westerly but using a light pollution filter and some editing I was able to get this result which isn't bad.


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Hi, I'm not sure how to add that image in a comment, but of course this is edited to highlight the details and look as natural as possible. I was surprised at the level of detail I achieved here, from one exposure of four minutes. I used a star tracker of course and blended sky and foreground (taken same exact time and place) in PS.


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Thank you so much, this perspective is a big reason for my pursuit of the imagery of it. Gaining clarity of what's out there, but at the same time building wonderment of the unknown and finding a sense of place and perspective. 💙 thanks for appreciating


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Thanks very much 😁 I like to watch Alyn Wallace on YouTube, he has a great 'What's in the Night Sky' every month. It's not specific to RI but it's a great general guide through the seasons.