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I have them on one game alone. And I don't even play much anymore. That's around 1.2 hours per day. 8.3 hours a week so that can be achieved by playing on weekends only.


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I've adopted the rating system of MAL.

10 - Masterpiece, a movie I have nothing negative to say about

9 - Great, a movie I have one little negative thing to say about

8 - Very Good, a movie I love, but it has a fault or two

7 - Good, a movie I like and would watch again

6 - Fine, a movie I won't watch again, but I didn't dislike the time I had with it

5 - Average, a movie I mostly disliked, but the movie still had moments I liked

4 - Bad, everything below are just movies I disliked in various degrees

3 - Very Bad

2 - Horrible

1 - Appalling

I don't think I've seen any movie I disliked enough to give a score between 1 and 3. Usually I don't watch movies that I would give a score like that or I just don't finish the movie.