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No it isn't. Mental illness and/or drugs is the root cause of homelessness.

A study authored by a govt agency assigned to the topic doesn't make it an authority, they're just trying to expand their own purview.

People on the street aren't normal people who simply can't afford a home. They have a host of mental deficiencies that put them in that position. Frankly they're incurable. There will always be people like this, it's as unstoppable as time. If they're minding their own business, ok, but generally they're up to something, and therefore, should be shipped off, preferably somewhere that doesn't cost Pennsylvanians any moneym


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Their business is shit because of COVID and the building was falling in on itself before the pandemic. Hea hoping to get more money out of it than he otherwise would get and get the buyer to pay for all the repairs. If a homeless shelter goes in there that block is permanently fucked forever. There's a reason that other shelter got built at the margin.


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Xfinity works fine most of the time, but when you need service, or to cancel, you'll get stuck in either chat bot hell or sent off to an offshore call center in India/Ecuador/eastern Europe/name a third world country. The biggest issue is that even at gig speed, they cap upload at 20mpbs. And it's expensive


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If you have some situation awareness, you can expect that guy on the bike you just passed to try to snake up to the front of the line at a red light and prevent it by positioning your car close to the curb or a parked vehicle, and close to the car in front you. The cyclist will need to risk passing on the left or the other side of the road to get in front. Bonus points if you can roll some coal while he's back there.


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Profit being extra money that he pays himself after he already paid himself.

270 sq feet of wood does not cost the $10k I see thrown around here, even with inflation/vocid surcharge. He's marking that up too. It's like $4-$5 sq foot for the boards. So maybe $1200 for the deck boards alone. Prices anymore are based on the going rate people are willing to pay not what the materials or job is worth.